About us

ABOUT USThe highest quality materials, perfect craftsmanship and great design – these are the most important features of our products. PJK Group for 40 years (!) have continued to equip construction sites, social housing and housing communities as well as companies with post boxes, postal devices and stainless architecture elements.Over the years, the company has developed not only on the Polish market, but also has been active abroad. We started with a small production company, and today we are proud to offer you the services and purchase of products of one of the leading producers of this kind in Europe.Choosing our company, you choose a trusted producer with experience that provides its customers with comprehensive service, starting from the design stage, through production to the installation and constant equipment service. WHAT DO WE PRODUCE?We specialize in designing and production of residential/housing post boxes, comprehensive postal devices and stainless steel products. We have a wide range of production possibilities. We proudly offer the following products:
  • Surface-mounted postboxes
  • Flush-mounted postboxes
  • Free-standing postboxes
  • Through the wall postboxes
  • Post insertion and removal slots
  • Postal devices
 Architecture elements:
  • Leaflet boxes
  • Information display cabinets
  • Letters, numbering
  • Building and premises signs
  • Tailor-made stainless steel products (according to a project)
  • Our modern machine park with its size allows us to design and produce both single postboxes and multiple orders quickly and conveniently.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art digitally controlled devices, industrial robots and strict quality control, we are able to obtain high quality and exact copy of every detail of every postbox.
  • Our products are made from approved, highest quality raw materials, supplied by the largest European producers. Thanks to the application of the highest quality material we are able to guarantee our client satisfaction with the purchase and long-lasting use.
  • We offer products from the following materials in various finishes:
    • steel gloss coated
    • acid-resistant V2A and V4A
    • stainless steel H17
    • tempered glass
  • We are constantly developing the design and production skills as well as the design of postboxes..
  • For the buyers of our products we guarantee the availability of all spare parts and full service support throughout Europe.
  • The PJK Group is not only the production facility but also the ‘brain of operations’ – we have our own design office and specialists in this field who, with an artistic craft, will combine your expectations and our materials into a solid product model. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to make the most sophisticated projects according to our clients’ requests, at the same time maintaining all the standards of quality and functionality. Selecting the box model and its color is just the beginning…
 Over 1,000,000 homes receive post in the postboxes produced by PJK GROUP!Will YOU also trust us?