What box to choose

The easiest way to choose postboxes for multi-family housing is to:1. Decide where the box will be mounted:
  • Indoor/ inside the building
  • Outdoor/ outside the building
 2. Specify the material type:
  • brushed stainless steel
  • galvanized steel, powder coated, RAL color range
 3. What kind of box and finishing you need:
  • Wall-mounted/surface-mounted (boxes will be visible) group 10, 11 and 12
  • Flush-mounted/ Built-in (doors/slots built into the wall) group 20, 21, 22
  • Free-standing (with its own “legs”) group 30 and 31
  • Wall-mounted/ Through the wall (mounted in a wall, in a fixed door wing with an aluminum profile, or joinery) group 40 and 41
 4. Find the box according to space available.5. What type of doors/slots and number types you need
  • with OKIENKO preview window (slot with replaceable insert that can be changed at any time) – for indoor and outdoor use
  • without NO slots (permanent laser numbering) – for indoor and outdoor use
  • PERFORATION decorative, preview holes (permanent laser numbering) – for indoor use
 6. What extras you would like to install:
  • double window
  • bell or address panel
  • flush-mounted system insert or intercom
  • information display cabinet
  • shelf for leaflets
  • Others according to an individual project